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PRIDE Living-Learning Communities

We have two PRIDE Residential Learning Communities affiliated with LGBTQ Campus Life that specializes in cultivating strong community, leadership, and knowledge of queer culture, especially on issues pertaining to sexual and gender diversity at Cal Poly and in San Luis Obispo. Each of these living options features opportunities for LGBTQ peer mentorship, gender-inclusive assignments, gender-inclusive restrooms, and virtual programmatic offerings through LGBTQ Campus Life and our partners. 

Pride First-Year Experience

PRIDE First-Year Experience

yakʔitʸutʸu Residential CommunitY

Features a Traditional First-Year Residential Experience featuring an LGBTQ Campus Life curriculum.  This community is housed in elewexe residence hall and is centered around the PRIDE Commons.

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Pride Leadership

PRIDE Leadership

Poly canyon village apartments

Features Apartment-Living for Continuing and Transfer Students with a Leadership & Service curriculum, Career Development Support, and outreach to Transfer Students from the Transfer Center.  This community is housed in Aliso.

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PRIDE Clusters

In addition to our residential-learning communities, we recognize that many students across our housing system would be more comfortable living with other members of the LGBTQ+ community and/or in housing options inclusive of all genders, gender identities, and expressions (not gendered into male and female spaces).  These clusters are intentional communities throughout all our residential communities designed to meet this need and feature gender-inclusive assignments, gender-inclusive restrooms, and programmatic offerings through the Pride Center.

For more information about these and other options, visit University Housing.

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