Leadership Council

The Queer & Trans Leadership Council

The Queer & Trans Leadership Council is an advocacy and consultive group comprised of students, faculty, and staff who are committed to LGBTQ access, equity, and inclusion. Its purpose is to provide representatives from key areas and stakeholder groups across campus to consult with each other, the Lead Coordinator of LGBTQ Campus Life and deputy representative(s) of our cultural center. This group is assembled by invitation of the Lead Coordinator to serve as a focus group to enhance communication, marketing, collaboration, and collective visioning with regards to LGBTQ programming, services, and resources both on and off-campus. It is not a governing body but rather a collective coalition representing various areas of LGBTQ Campus Life.

Council Representatives

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Area of LGBTQ Campus Life

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Samuel Neil Byrd (any)

Lead Coordinator for LGBTQ Campus Life  (Board Member)

Arianna Browne (she/her) Graduate Assistant for LGBTQ Student Development (Chair) arbrowne@calpoly.edu
Wendy Joy Dochterman (she/her) College Representative- Agriculture, Food, and Environmental Sciences wdochter@calpoly.edu
Georgia Alley (she/her) College Representative - Architecture and Environmental Design galley@calpoly.edu
Kevin Shu (he/him) College Representative- Engineering, Graduate Education kshu01@calpoly.edu
Alison Chew (she/her) College Representative- Engineering acchew@calpoly.edu
Audrey Norlen Vance (she/her) College Representative- Liberal Arts; Arts, Music, Theater, and Dance anvance@calpoly.edu
Monica Rodriguez (she/her) College Representative- Liberal Arts; Transfer Students monni.rodriguez14@gmail.com
Caroline Roberts (she/her) College Representative- Liberal Arts & SLO Episcopal (Student Organization) csrobert@calpoly.edu

Allison Theobold (she/her)

College Representative - Science and Mathematics atheobol@calpoly.edu
Ashley Rios (she/her) College Representative - Business atrios@calpoly.edu

Jordan Perlas (she/her)

Shayna Lynch (she/her)

Associated Students, Inc



Brady Berg (he/him) PRIDE First-Year Experience RLC bcberg@calpoly.edu
Yumi Augilar (they/them) PRIDE Leadership RLC yuaguila@calpoly.edu
Ava Jakusovszky (she/her) PRIDE Transfer Experience RLC ajakusov@calpoly.edu
Karl Zieber (he/they) Drag Club (Student Organization) krzieber@calpoly.edu
Chase Viramontes  OUT Professionals Engagement Network (Student Organization) rcviramo@calpoly.edu
Rebecca Richards (she/her) PRIDE Faculty & Staff Association (Graduate Student, Faculty, & Staff Organization) Rricha15@calpoly.edu
Declan Galli (he/him) Communication & Information Analyst for LGBTQ+ Issues degalli@calpoly.edu
Eric Sarell (he/him) Mustangs for Recovery ericsarell@ucla.edu
Alexandra Gradijan (she/her) Alumni Representative alexandragradijan@gmail.com
Emily Milton (she/her) Club Sports Representative emilton@calpoly.edu
Riley Vinge (he/him) FSL - IFC Representative rvinge@calpoly.edu
Sabrina Yerena FSL - USFC Representative calpolyusfc.president@gmail.com

Archived Minutes

March 2020

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